Charles Barkley Says Scottie Pippen is Desperate to Sell Books That is Why He’s Talking Trash About Michael Jordan – BlackSportsOnline
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Charles Barkley Says Scottie Pippen is Desperate to Sell Books That is Why He’s Talking Trash About Michael Jordan

Former professional basketball player, Charles Barkley, has reacted to Scottie Pippen trashing NBA legend Michael Jordan in his new memoir titled “Unguarded,” and according to Charles, Pippen is trying to sell books and doesn’t think that he is worried about relationships.

Charles Barkley has joined fans, former basketball players, and others in trashing Scottie Pippen for going after Michael Jordan in his new memoir “Unguarded.”

Charles believes that Pippen is going back and forth and opening can of worms about Michael Jordan just to get his book to sell.

Via EssentiallySports:

On the ‘Dan Patrick Show’, Barkley and the host discuss the rising tensions between the two former Chicago Bulls‘ teammates. In fact, as per Charles, Pippen’s intentions are probably just to get his book to sell.

Dan pointed out when ‘The Last Dance’ first came out, Pippen must have been expecting to hear great things about himself. Instead, Michael Jordan was seen mocking him, which is probably what ticked him off. But Charles Barkley doesn’t think that’s reason enough for Scott to demean MJ, the way he has been doing.

“Well Dan, even myself, when people talk about me, they get to bring up stupid stuff I did. So, whatever happens, happens. You don’t get to get mad about it. The stuff that Michael said in The Last Dance was true…but I don’t think it was Michael’s intention to roast Scottie. Like I say, I just think that it seems like, first of all, if you want to say these things, just say them. Don’t put them in a book!” Barkley stated.

He further explained, “That’s the only problem I have with a lot of these things. If he wants to come on The Dan Patrick Show and say some things, I got no problem with that if he wants to say his opinion. But when you bring all this stuff up, and you just happen to have a book coming out, that’s what I think is the problem everybody’s having now.”

Since Pippen did not take the route that people think would have been best, it’s coming across as more selfish than genuine. Charles said, “Scottie’s just trying to sell books. I don’t think he’s worried about relationships down the line, friendships down the line. I think he’s just trying to sell books!”

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