Chris Tucker Says He Never Did Another “Friday” Movie Because He Didn’t Want to Influence People to Smoke Weed – BlackSportsOnline
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Chris Tucker Says He Never Did Another “Friday” Movie Because He Didn’t Want to Influence People to Smoke Weed

Many people have asked why but we’ve never really gotten an answer as to why Chris Tucker didn’t do more Friday movies.

Until now.

Tucker starred in the first one with Ice Cube, which was a great success, so naturally, people wanted to see him in more films in the franchise.

It hasn’t happened, and Tucker says that it’s because he didn’t want to influence people to smoke weed.

Not a bad reason. Hopefully, they can work out some kind of script where he, Cube, and Mike Epps can all be in the movie together without the influence of weed.

Here is what we know about a potential “Last Friday” movie and why it may never happen.

The first Friday movie, a surprise hit of a stoner comedy starring rapper and actor Ice Cube and comedian Chris Tucker, led to two sequels and a spin-off animated TV series.

Another Friday sequel has been rumored and speculated about for years, with Ice Cube previously stating that he wanted the fourth installment to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the first film, which would have meant a 2020 release.

Obviously, that did not happen, but Cube says a script exists. However, since Friday After Next, two main cast members have sadly passed on. John Witherspoon, who played Ice Cube’s father in the series, passed away in 2019 following a heart attack. Unfortunately, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr followed him a year later due to heart disease.

The passing of these cast members and the reluctance of star Tucker to return to the series could complicate matters when it comes to getting another film green-lit, though Ice Cube seems determined to make it happen.

This may be one of those projects like Dr. Dre’s “Detox” that would be better left as a legend than reality because, without Witherspoon and Lister Jr., It simply wouldn’t be the same.

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