Dalvin Cook Claims Self Defense and Says Witnesses Will Testify Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble Held Them at Gunpoint – BlackSportsOnline
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Dalvin Cook Claims Self Defense and Says Witnesses Will Testify Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble Held Them at Gunpoint

Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble released text messages and photos of injuries she said she received at the hands of Dalvin Cook.

This all came to a head when Trimble flew to Minnesota and showed up at Cook’s home.

Cook says that she illegally entered his home, but her story is much different via the Star Tribune.

Trimble flew to Minnesota on Nov. 19 to break up with Cook and get her things from his Inver Grove Heights home. She entered through the garage, grabbing mace she stored there on her way in, the lawsuit said.

Trimble claims in the filing that Cook got angry when she asked for his help in gathering her things. Cook “grabbed her arm, and slung her whole body over the couch, slamming her face into the coffee table and causing her lower forehead and the bridge of her nose to bust open.”

She attempted to spray the mace at Cook, but he overpowered her, and the mace went into her eyes, the lawsuit said. She went to shower when she was allegedly assaulted again.

Then Trimble went into the bedroom, grabbed Cook’s gun, and called her friend, according to the lawsuit. Cook overheard her and threatened her and beat her with a broomstick, the suit claims.

Cook’s lawyer David Valentini says that Trimble is lying and that he has independent witnesses that back up what he is saying.

According to this statement sent exclusively to BSO.

Trimble illegally gained entry to Cook’s residence with a stolen garage door opener. Once she got inside, she punched Cook in the face multiple times and maced Cook, not once but twice. Cook happened to have two house guests who were also maced.

Trimble then retrieved a gun and held Cook and his houseguests hostage for several hours. At some point, Trimble attacked one of Cook’s female guests, and that is when Cook and Trimble got into an altercation which led to her injuries.

According to Valentini, Trimble has damaged two of Cook’s cars and assaulted him for seeing other women.

Valentini says Cook acted in self-defense and is being extorted.

This is really about who you believe, but the truth is likely somewhere in the middle.

Flip the pages for Valentini’s complete statement, a video of Trimble threatening to get her gun and shoot Cook, and pics of her injuries.

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