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Damian Lillard Reacts To Sixers Fans Chanting: “We Want Lillard”

During a game between the Philadephia 76ers and Portland Trail Blazers, the hometown fans let Damian Lillard know that he would be greatly appreciated if he wanted to play in Philly.

Lillard says he appreciates the love from the Philly fans but says he is a TrailBlazer for the foreseeable future.

“City of Brotherly Love, they showed a brother some love. … I know what it is and what it’s about. I’m a TrailBlazer. I appreciate the love, I appreciate the respect they showed, the desire or whatever.” But said he’s a TrailBlazer.”

It’s no secret that ever since Ben Simmons has been MIA for the Sixers, the fans have been searching for a new star, and with the constant rumors surrounding him being traded out of Portland, Lillard is the perfect candidate.

Chancey Billups chimed in and said he could understand why the fans did the chant.

I wasn’t surprised at all. When they were saying we want Lillard, I was saying we do too. I understand it, and I get it. Philly got a great fan base. They hold no punches, man. I’ve always appreciated that about this city.”

The heat is on as we approach the trade deadline in the NBA about Lillard being dealt to a different team. Dame is being kind, in my opinion, as he is not getting any younger if he wants to ever win a championship.

I can understand why Sixers fans would want Lillard.

Lillard is extremely loyal, and the Sixers are dealing with Ben Simmons, who may be faking mental health issues, so at this point, they will take anyone who isn’t Simmons.

The question begs does Lillard have a breaking point because the Blazers do not look like a title contender and will be a fringe playoff contender.

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