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Deshaun Watson’s Lawyers Start To Take Depositions From All His 22 Massages Accusers

Deshaun Watson has missed an entire year of his prime because of 22 massage lawsuits.

There is a chance if he doesn’t get the cases settled in the offseason, he might miss another year. He is still getting paid, but who knows how the year off will affect him. When the trade deadline was approaching, Watson tried to settle the lawsuits, but it was hard to come to an agreement with so many accusers, and finally, it broke down on non-disclosure agreements.

Watson’s lawyers have had the opportunity to take depositions from his accusers since October, but they just started recently, according to Amy Dash and League of Justice.

Watson’s attorneys will begin depositions of his accusers today, questioning one woman a day spread out over the next several weeks.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Tony Buzbee told League of Justice that he has asked for dates to take Watson’s deposition but still has not been provided with any from Watson’s lawyers. He said he will have to ask the court “to force them to provide dates” and told League of Justice he intends to use his “full forty plus hours” that he has been allotted to question Watson.

The recorded testimony from the depositions can be used in legal papers and in court in the event of a trial. Oftentimes, statements made under oath in depositions are used in court to impeach a witness when that person takes the stand.

There are potential minefields on both sides when taking depositions.

The accusers’ stories have to be consistent, or they will be branded as liars. The risk is even greater for Watson if he is caught in a lie under oath that would be bad. What would be worse is if he admits to inappropriate behavior in any way.

The NFL has stayed out of it because the Houston PD hasn’t decided if they are going to charge him with any crimes.

So, we are all in wait-and-see mode to see how this proceeds.

Flip the pages for some statements from the accusers’ lawyer Tony Buzbee.

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