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Ex-Bulls Corey Benjamin’s Daughter Cori Knocks Out Lauryn Ham With Sucker Punch During Game

A video of a teenage girl who sucker-punched her opponent during a basketball game has gone viral on the internet and ended up on the big news portals and according to TMZ, the girl has been banned from playing in the future AVAC United games.

According to a spokesperson of the Garden Grove Police Department who spoke to the news outlet, the police are investigating the incident.

TMZ says that the incident happened during a youth basketball game in Garden Grove, California on Sunday. From the video, it could be said that the girl intentionally punched her opponent for reasons known to her.

In footage of the play, you can see as both girls got back to their feet after the collision — someone from the crowd appeared to yell, “You better hit her.”

That’s when the girl in the all-black uniform swung a massive left haymaker that connected with the other girl’s throat and face area.

Immediately, the girl crashed to the floor in pain … and we’re told the game was stopped and then eventually canceled over the incident.

The punch victim’s mother tells us the girl was injured on the play — and is suffering from the after-effects so much, she still has yet to return to school.

The girl’s mom also tells us she went to cops over it all … though it’s unclear if a criminal investigation is underway.

ABC7 also reports that the attorney of the family of the teenage girl who sucker-punched her opponent, Brett Greenfield, has released a statement on the incident saying:

My client and her family are deeply and sincerely remorseful. This is a unfortunate incident involving a very hard working and promising student athlete. We must keep some perspective and keep in mind that this is a young minor who has made a mistake.

The comments on social media in response to this incident are a cause of great concern for both the minor and her family. We would respectfully request that she be given the benefit of the doubt and that her privacy be respected given her young age.

Tyra Hunt is the wife of former Chicago Bulls player Corey Benjamin. Hunt is in the middle of a controversial video wherein her daughter, Cori, hits an opponent during a youth basketball game in California.

A video of a girl hitting a clothesline on an opponent during a youth basketball game has gone viral. Cori Benjamin (wearing a black shirt), the 15-year-old daughter of Corey Benjamin and Tyra Hunt, was bumped by two opponents contesting the shot and no foul was called.

After Cori gets up, someone in the background can be heard saying “You better hit her, Cori,” allegedly by the mother Tyra Hunt. The 15-year-old proceeded to hit her opponent Lauryn Ham, who immediately fell to the floor.

The mom deserves full blame for this.

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