Havoc Says Prodigy Would Have An Issue With COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates If Alive: Says Documentary On Mobb Deep Could Happen – BlackSportsOnline
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Havoc Says Prodigy Would Have An Issue With COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates If Alive: Says Documentary On Mobb Deep Could Happen

Queensbridge and Hip Hop legend Havoc found himself in a “maintaining” space since the passing of Prodigy in June 2017.

Rather maintaining the aspect of survival or getting in touch with his musical roots, Havoc is still pushing strong.

Since four years passed after Prodigy’s earthly departure, Havoc remained grounded in Hip Hop. The Queensbridge rapper caught up with BSO on Aug. 27 to discuss how 2021 unfolded for him in terms of working on music and his life.

“2021 has been pretty good…you know what I’m saying…to me. I definitely have no complaints in that department. You know with the COVID situation going on still being up in the air and iffy, it’s been pretty good to me… you know I can’t complain. I’m working on new music and new projects with a few artists so I’m in a positive space in my life right now.”

The pandemic has caused entertainers and Hip Hop legends like Busta Rhymes to speak out against the vaccine mandates with nonfactual statements. Havoc believes if Prodigy was still alive, he would’ve been upset realizing his decision making would’ve been restricted due to COVID-19 policy.

“P was big on his conspiracies. Let’s just say you know…what I’m saying for a lack of better words. He definitely would’ve had something to say about this. I think that he would’ve definitely been upset about the vaccination mandates,” Havoc said. “I believe that Prodigy would’ve said yo…if somebody didn’t want to get the vaccine, then I guess that’s their right.”

A biopic or documentary often reveals the secrets of stories about a celebrity in the public eye. Havoc is alive to tell his story and with Prodigy no longer here, bringing the truth to life on P’s part is important.

“Actually, I’ve been approached several times by different companies to get the Mobb Deep story out there. I have to make sure the estate and the family of Prodigy is on board and they’re feeling it. So that is when you’re in the group, that’s sort of the dynamic that has to happen.”

Havoc is one of the most ruthless producers in Hip Hop and a part of the best if not top 10 rap duos of all-time. He’s still moving and has his fans shooked like his song “Shook Ones, Pt II” more than COVID-19 deaths. Prodigy;s legacy will always live on and Havoc will do his best to tell the story of his close brother if granted.