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Jerry Jones Says Discrimination is Not a Problem in the NFL

The owner, president, and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, Jerry Jones, has spoken following Jon Gruden’s email leaks. According to him, the kind of things seen in the leaked emails are not common in the NFL.

Jerry Jones appeared on “On the Record with Bob Costas,” where he spoke about discrimination in the NFL. Here is what Jerry Jones said:

“…there is not that type of issue prevalent in the NFL”.

Via Awesomeo:

What else is Jerry going to say?

He’s a salesman, and one hell of spinster.

Jerry points to a typical NFL huddle, which is often filled with every type of race.

He also makes a great point, “Everybody’s blood is red”.

It’s Jerry’s World, we’re just living in it.

Whenever there is a societal problem, it leaks into every single industry in America, including the NFL. Jones might be right that people don’t talk like Gruden did in the emails, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t prejudiced, racist, or discriminatory against minorities.

Just the way the NFL is set up, it holds no regard to black men’s bodies. It sees them as disposable, and it is hard to say it isn’t prevalent when we know the NFL was using race norming tactics to cheat ex-black players out of concussion settlements.

That is as discriminatory as it can get.

I agree you aren’t going to have Jerry Jones say anything bad about the NFL, but there is a reason Jerry still has a flip phone and says he prefers to write things on paper.

That is an old-school mafia way of not getting caught up, and that is why Jerry, who you know has done some shady things, has never been caught in a huge scandal.

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