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Kevin Garnett Leaves Michael Jordan And LeBron James Out Of His All-time Starting 5 Lineup

Former basketball player Kevin Garnett has named his all-time starting lineup, and to the shock of fans, he left out Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Kevin got big balls.

Kevin Garnett named his ideal starting five and left out Michael and LeBron, but some of the fans are cool since he added the late Kobe Bryant.

Kevin Garnett’s ideal starting five includes, former president of basketball operations of the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson, the late Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant, himself, Kevin Garnett, and one of the greatest players in sports history, Wilton Norman Chamberlain.

Via Vladtv:

Kevin Garnett is a newly minted Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer, and he is entitled to his opinion when putting together what he believes is the ideal starting lineup. However, it’s difficult for many basketball fans to fathom an “ideal” starting five that excludes either Michael Jordan or LeBron James. But Kevin Garnett managed to leave off those two names, not to mention no Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sighting either.

For what it’s worth, KG still constructed a formidable top-five despite leaving off three of the top players with a legitimate case to be dubbed the GOAT. His five included: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Wilt Chamberlain, and himself.

People have to understand this is KG’s starting 5. It is the people he would want to play with. He doesn’t want to play with LeBron because the Celtics hate LeBron and the Lakers, but they respected Kobe. Everyone respected Kobe because his worth ethic was as crazy as KG’s.

With that being said always good to see a good Twitter fight break out on the Timeline over someone’s random opinion on what they like.

My Top 5 starting lineup would be Magic, Jordan, Bird, LeBron, Wilt, for those asking.

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