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Playing in Online Casinos is Popular Among Football Players

Online gambling has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. More people are visiting online casinos to try out this new sort of fun. Some of these people happen to be rather famous. If you were doubting trying online slots or live poker tables, that might change if that’s something your idols are into. Let’s take a look at the football players who are known for their love of gambling.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Most people know him for being a legendary football player. He is, however, also a frequent visitor of casino site. He is a fan of poker and even used to be a brand ambassador for a big online casino.


While Neymar has an astonishing football career, his passion for poker might just change his path. According to the player, he is such a huge fan of the game of poker, he is considering playing professionally after the end of his football career.

The beautiful thing is anyone can follow this path thanks to online casino echt geld what means best casinos where you can play for real money with the Belgium licenses. You improve your poker skills and you receive the results in a form of profit right away. You don’t have to play for years for someone to sign or hire you. Poker allows you to take full control of your career. Maybe, some day you will be having a match against Neymar. Who knows?

Gerard Pique

Gerard has been known for his love of gambling for over a decade now. Back when he played for Manchester United he, along with a few teammates, was famous for frequently visiting luxurious casinos.

Times change and so does the game. It’s been years since Pique switched to casino online udbetaling what means casinos with the best paying out systems and has voiced his love for the game of poker on more than one occasion. He even went as far as to become a brand ambassador and participate in poker championships.

The Internet is introduced to a new online casino on an almost daily basis at this point. There is a reason it’s getting so popular, and it couldn’t have been simpler. It’s plain fun. The industry is developing and constantly offering us more ways to entertain ourselves. What should be appreciated is how uniting this activity is turning out to be. Low deposit casinos have made the games accessible to anyone, fast withdrawals made it convenient, mobile apps have made it possible for those of us always in a rush. Anyone can play with anyone no matter who they are or where they are from. Whether it’s a butcher from your local shop or your favorite football player, you get on one server and have the time of your life.