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Reporter Asks Jay Z If He Only Has 98 Problems Now After Beating $68 Million Parlux Lawsuit

Does it come as a surprise that Jay-Z spoke the Chicago slang in route of leaving a courtroom?

“A Manhattan jury Wednesday decided that Jay-Z shouldn’t have to pay up in a $68 million lawsuit accusing him of failing to uphold his end of a deal to promote his eponymous fragrance. The jury found that damages shouldn’t be paid on either side of the dispute between the 51-year-old “Empire State of Mind” rapper and perfume company Parlux over allegations that Jay-Z breached a 2012 contract in failing to promote cologne Gold Jay Z,” per the New York Post.

Jay-Z walked out of the courtroom saying, “Smoking on that parlux pack tonight,” surrounded by securities and a legal team.

99 problems, but a lawsuit isn’t one for the Hip Hop mogul and billionaire who created an empire through music and business deals.

If anything, Jay-Z knows he’s in the right position to escape any legal trouble when he has people in his corner.

The most hilarious thing is the reporter yelling out at Jay-Z.

“You only have 98 problems now?”

She has been waiting for that moment her entire life. I hope she gets some love for it. It deserves 15 minutes of fame, and Jay seemed to find it amusing.

Parlux had been seeking $68 million in damages while Jay-Z brought counterclaims for over $2.7 million in royalties. But the jury found that neither side should have to pay the other.

Justice Andrew Borrok told lawyers on both sides, “You failed to prove your case, they failed to prove their case. That’s the outcome.”

“Parlux invested $29 million into that venture. It upheld its end of the bargain,” Viola argued. “The defendants didn’t uphold their end of the bargain.”

“If the defendants had fulfilled the contract, if they have upheld their end of the bargain, Parlux would have had a runaway success,” Viola said. “We would have netter $67.6 million in net profits.”

As Jay always says.


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