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Road Turns Scarlet As Millions Of Red Crabs Begin Migration Towards The Ocean

Roads on Christmas Island in Australia turned scarlet as millions of red crabs began their migration towards the ocean. Reports say the road had to be blocked for the red crabs to make their way to the ocean.

The videos of the stunning migration of the red crabs to the ocean have gone viral on the internet with a bunch of reactions on social media.

Via Metro:

Various others roads and areas have also been closed to protect the animals on their way to the Indian Ocean in what is considered one of nature’s most colourful and striking migrations.

According to Parks Australia, the male crabs will journey back to the jungle after mating, while the females stay behind in the burrows for about two weeks to lay eggs. Each female crab can produce up to 100,000 eggs, which she holds in a brood pouch.

New resident Simon Penn captured the migration on video.

‘I’d heard of Christmas Island’s remarkable red crab migration and seen videos with Sir David Attenborough visiting the island just to witness it’, he said.

‘But until moving here in 2021, I’d never seen it for myself. As the time approaches, the entire island community prepares in anticipation and speculates about when it will start.’

Simon added: ‘Locals carry rakes and brooms in their vehicles to sweep the crabs to the roadside so they can drive past.

‘After the migration began at the end of October, the crabs are now making their way toward the ocean, where they’ll breed.

‘The females will then shake their eggs into the ocean, where they’ll hatch. Weeks later the tiny baby crabs will return to shore.’

Yeah, I would have to stay in the house until they passed through. I am not going to be out there chilling in the streets with them.

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