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Scottie Pippen Blames Michael Jordan Going to Play Baseball For Their Strained Relationship

Still on the Scottie Pippen’s new memoir “Unguarded” that trashes NBA legend Michael Jordan. Well, Scottie seems not to be okay with people saying he was close to Michael Jordan whom he’s trashed in his memoir “Unguarded”.

In a new interview with WGN News, Pippen shockingly disclosed that his relationship with Michael Jordan was a bit strained due to his short stint in baseball.

 “As I stated, when the documentary came out, no one questioned me and Michael’s relationship. But all of a sudden you question it now. The documentary really put out that we are not what was seen on the basketball court. You know Scottie Pippen was not part of that documentary.

Scottie Pippen on the media’s narrative that he was close to Michael Jordan counter questioned:

“So what makes you think that our relationship is close? You know Michael Jordan left the Bulls in 1994 and went to play baseball. What makes you think our relationship was close after we just won three championships?”

Via EssentiallySports:

Michael Jordan, in a bizarre moment, announced his retirement in 1993. He joined the Chicago White Sox to play in Minor League Baseball. This was just after leading the Bulls to their first three-peat between 1991 to 1993. However, he returned to the Bulls in 1995 and led them to another three-peat between 1996 to 1998.

Michael Jordan had enthralled Chicago Bulls fans with many legendary performances since joining them in 1984. However, Bulls fans collectively remember a stunning Game 2 performance by Jordan to beat the Boston Celtics. Jordan dominated the Celtics at Boston Garden and racked up a record 63 points in a playoff game.

Jordan recorded 63 points while playing 54 minutes of double overtime play. He posted six assists, five rebounds, two blocks, three steals, and four turnovers in these 54 minutes.

Michael Jordan’s feats in the NBA cannot be sh*t on — and that’s why he’s been tagged a Legend! Scottie Pippen should get that!

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