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Scottie Pippen on His Wife Larsa Cheating on Him With Future and Dating 24-Year-Old Malik Beasley

Scottie Pippen did a lengthy sit-down interview with Tyler Tynes of GQ about his new book: “Unguarded.”

They covered many topics, including how Pippen thinks he was as good as Michael Jordan in their primes, but the media manipulated it to make him look like a Robin instead of a Batman.

Pippen takes shots at Charles Barkley, Phil Jackson, and others but says he still hangs out with Dennis Rodman from time to time. The quotes that initially started all the conversation about Jordan were these.

“Michael was determined to prove to the current generation of fans that he was larger-than-life during his day—and still larger than LeBron James, the player many consider his equal, if not superior. I was nothing more than a prop. His ‘best teammate of all time,’ he called me. He couldn’t have been more condescending if he tried.”

Interestingly at the end of the interview, Pippen was asked if it bothered him that his wife Larsa cheated on him with Future two times and had a relationship with a 24-year-old Malik Beasley.

Upon asking about Future’s Larsa Pippen mention in one of his songs, she replied it was stupid of him. She said he was delusional because it was not like that. Larsa revealed she was really sad during that point in her life. She was dealing with moving on and was worried about her kids if they were going to be okay. She expressed there was a lot of guilt that she felt and Future was the guy who was there to see her through it. She said he was the guy she would talk to while dealing with things and he gave her confidence when she was in a dark place.

Future when on to say she was the woman he had sex with in Gucci Flip Flops.

Years later, Future would recall the moment that helped to create the song while speaking to producer Metro Boomin’ in his Apple Music documentary, The WIZRD. “I remember really having some Gucci flip flops on and I was, g*dd*mn, I was, you know what I mean? I was smashing a b***h at the penthouse right by the door with my Gucci flip flops on,” the rapper can be heard saying around 28 minutes within the documentary.

Coincidentally it was being reported that Future had begun dating Larsa Pippen, the wife Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen.

Another song, “Rent Money” very well could have been. Some lyrics in the song include “I did it by mistake, it wasn’t on purpose, end up f*****g your wife.”

Pippen, to his credit, said it didn’t bother him that much because he knows how the media is, and by that time, he felt the relationship was over even though they weren’t officially divorced.

I will be honest Pippen seems less bothered by Future and Larsa’s dating habits than Michael Jordan.  He simply brushed that aside while he wrote a whole book on how Jordan, the Bulls and others have done him dirty.

Flip the page for the full interview, and the Larsa part comes at the 44-minute mark.

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