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Shaquille O’Neal Reacts To Fans Calling Him A “Hater”

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal is being labeled as a “hater” by some fans over his brutal opinions about some players. But it is obvious that calling him a hater won’t change his style of criticisms.

Shaquille O’Neal has reacted to the hater tag by some fans on a recent episode of his podcast. And here is what he had to say about being tagged a hater.

“A lot of people think I’m a hater or whatever”.

“It’s not that I’m a hater. It’s just that I’ve seen real greatness. If you not equal or above that, you get no props from me.”

From Shaq’s reaction, until players play above the standard and achieve greatness as he did during his time, he will continue to hit hard at them.

Shaq also had 15 All-Star appearances, four NBA titles, three NBA Finals MVP awards, two scoring titles and one MVP award.