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Sharks Evander Kane’s Wife Anna Faked a Pregnancy When He Told Her He Was Leaving Her For His Ex-Girlfriend

The Evander Kane saga is one of the strangest of all time.

If he played basketball or football and not hockey, it would be on every hot take show in the country daily. I will try to break it all down before we get to the latest part, which might be the craziest story of them all.

Kane had a severe gambling problem that was so bad he had to file for bankruptcy after getting in bad with the Vegas casinos.

Out of the blue, Kane’s wife went to Instagram to accuse Evander of betting on NHL games, abusing her, and still being in massive gambling debt. We found out that Kane had left Anna for his ex-girlfriend and took the G-Wagon on the way out.

The NHL investigated the matter and couldn’t find evidence of him betting on NHL games or abusing his wife, but they found out he was using a fake COVID vaccination card and suspended him for 21 games.

It had all been quiet since that time until TMZ Sports dropped this bombshell.

It’s all in new court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, in which Kane says his estranged wife, Anna Kane, has been lying to him about her pregnancy since July.

The San Jose Sharks star claims up until earlier this month, he had believed Anna was pregnant with their second child, which was due in February 2022.

Evander says Anna had spoken about the baby often, and he says he had seen her belly grow with his own eyes throughout the last several weeks.

Evander, though, says after he reviewed recent medical bills — it was brought to his attention that Anna had actually had an abortion way back in July.

Evander is accusing Anna of pretending to be pregnant for months … going as far as wearing “some sort of pregnancy belly” to deceive him and cause him mental trauma.

Anna admits that she led Evander to believe she was still pregnant, which is very devious.

Evander has been given temporary custody of their daughter until this is all worked out.

Flip the pages for all the things Anna has been saying about him that we might want to take with a grain of salt now.

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