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Three White Texas Students Dressed Up as KKK Members and Tased a Black Classmate

Three Texas schoolboys are being investigated for hate crime after allegedly using a taser to wound a younger Black classmate. According to the Daily Mail, the teenage boy and his alleged bullies attend Woodsboro High School in Texas.

The portal reports that Woodsboro Superintendent Ronald D. Segers Jr., in a Facebook post on November 9, 2021, said that:

the incident did not happen on the school’s campus or during some school-related activity. As a result, the school district isn’t legally allowed to punish the students, who recently played for the school’s football team competitively.

Via Daily Mail:

Refugio County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Woodsboro, eight miles away from the school, after being notified that a teen was shocked by a ‘Taser or cattle-prod-like’ device, said Sheriff Raul ‘Pinky’ Gonzales.

As of Wednesday, there have been no arrests and no criminal charges filed in regard to the incident, according to Assistant District Attorney Tim Poynter, an attorney in Refugio County.

Meanwhile, the black teenager’s attorney Matt Manning, from Corpus Christi, said his client was the victim of a hate crime and that he was shocked with either a Taser or a stun gun device by one of three students dressed up as Ku Klux Klan members.

Poynter and Sgt. Nathan Brandley, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, declined to comment on questions about the night of the incident, citing the ongoing investigation.

Due to the Texas penal code granting animosity to minors, Manning didn’t mention his client’s identity or the ones of the three students he describes as ‘perpetrators’.

The names of the alleged bullies and their victim are yet to be put out there, but since Texas penal code grants animosity to minors, there is no way the internet will get to know their identities.

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