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Tony Romo and Jim Nantz Criticized For Making Aaron Rodgers Seem Like a Victim

It looks like no one wants to have mercy on the 37-year-old Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, for lying about getting vaccinated against the deadly COVID-19. Aaron had COVID-19, but he lied and misled people that he was negative and caused controversy in the circles of the NFL.

Even though he has apologized for lying and misleading people, but people still hold things against him, and anyone who tries to stand with him gets sh*t on too.

Total Pro Sports reports that social media folks aren’t taking it cool with Tony Romo and Jim Nantz sympathizing with Aaron Rodgers during the Seahawks-Packers broadcast on Sunday.

Tony Romo, during the broadcast, said:

“I’m glad he did that; I’m glad he took responsibility for that. I’m glad that he said that he misled people…and I think the biggest thing, you know it’s a polarizing issue, but I can promise you he felt the weight of it the last few weeks, it’s something that he’s not thinking about anything else, and it’s been, make no mistake, a very challenging week for him”.

But social media folks came hard at him for trying to sympathize with Aaron Rodgers, who caused controversy by lying about his COVID-19 status.

Romo is a former quarterback, so he will always stand up for other quarterbacks regardless of the situation. Nantz has covered Rodgers his entire career, so this isn’t surprising. Also, you have to remember these networks want to stay in good with Rodgers for potential interviews down the road.

Say the Packers make it to the Super Bowl. You don’t want to be the network he doesn’t talk to because you were too critical of him on-air. Trust me, Rodgers reads and listens to everything that is said about him, good and bad. Romo and Nantz were probably told to go easy on him.

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