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Watch a Best Man Catch His Friend’s Wife Cheating With a Bartender After Their Wedding

Here is your messy story for the day.

A husband’s best man is getting a lot of praise after he caught his friend’s wife cheating with a bartender 18 months after their wedding.

A clip has gone viral with the wife, Nina, climbing out of the lap of a man that isn’t her husband, and the best man, James, was filming and asked what she was doing.

She didn’t seem to remember who he was at first because he had to remind him that he was the best man at her wedding. He didn’t make a big scene and just asked who the guy was, then ended the video.

The video was uploaded, and James is obviously getting a lot of praise for actually being the best man.

Hopefully, his best friend has a good divorce lawyer.

There are still a lot of questions that still have to be answered. Was the wife cheating on the husband even before getting married, or did she just start after they got married?

She doesn’t even seem that upset that she was caught. That could be the liquor talking, but it is almost like she wanted to be caught.

The only person who looks concerned in the video is the bartender. Did he know he was hooking up with a married woman, or is this all news to him? If it is the latter, he needs to drop her as well because that is how you get beat up or worse. We need some closure to this story, so if the best man is reading this, please give us an update, so we know what happened once you told your friend his wife was very publicly cheating on him.

Remember this about marriage. Getting married isn’t bad. Getting married to the wrong person is terrible.

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