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Watch UCLA Freshman DL Jay Toia Threaten to “Slap a B*tch” in Viral Elevator Video

If you’re an athlete or any type of celebrity in the public eye, you have to know that cameras are everywhere, no matter what.

That’s what UCLA freshman DL Jay Toia is finding out now.

A video of Toia in an elevator intimidating and threatening people has now gone viral, and he’s getting a lot of criticism.

In the video, he used a lot of NSFW language and wouldn’t let them leave the elevator. He even allegedly swung on a young lady.

Toia, a freshman, is shown in the video wearing a UCLA hoodie as he went on an expletive-filled rant threatening to hurt any male or female USC students on campus. He also refused to let the students exit the elevator.

After losing two games in a row and falling to 5-4 on the season, Kelly (who is now 15-25 as UCLA’s coach) also answered questions about defensive coordinator Jerry Azzinaro on Wednesday. Azzinaro has not spoken to the media once since arriving at UCLA four years ago. The Bruins have ranked 102nd, 113th, 69th and 75th in total defense during the four seasons he has been there.

“We are aware of the video and we are following university protocols on student conduct,” Kelly said.

Toia is still at practice, but he did lose an endorsement deal over the leaked video.

UCLA had an excellent start to the season, but it sort of just fell apart from the Bruins because they can’t stop anyone on defense and doesn’t appear to be getting any better any time soon.

USC and UCLA have been trashed for a while now, and people are starting to wonder if that will change. It might take two new coaches to get it done. Kelly simply hasn’t gotten it done.

Not a good look for the kid.

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