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Woman Shows Up Outside of Travis Scott House to Protest Astroworld Tragedy

Travis Scott has been a trending topic for a week after an incident left nine dead at Astroworld.

A white woman who took the time to stand in front of Travis Scott’s house displayed one sign stating, “you destroyed lives. You deserve bankruptcy.”

The woman spoke with ABC13 giving her opinion on the tragedy and how the event was a failure.

“It was multiple levels of failure, by the event organizers, the performers, officials.” She continued by saying, “Local city ordinances and permits were clearly overlooked, security protocols were clearly not implemented when this was declared a mass casualty incident. That’s why I’m here.”

An occasional TV camera would show up every hour or so to take some video. Past the solid wall that surrounds the home, a security guard sat in his car, occasionally getting out to shoo away visitors.

Drivers whizzing by Mecom Fountain would occasionally honk. The woman was determined.

“I think these parties should go bankrupt,” she said, pointing at the entities listed out on her sign. “I haven’t seen an apology from any of the parties involved, and I understand they’re probably tight-lipped for legal purposes, but this was a mass loss of life for a concert. And it was completely preventable.”

When the news surfaced, debates were sparked on social media and intensified after video footage showed Scott witnessing someone passing out while continuing to perform.

If Black people don’t think white people will show up to their places, think again.

It is a sad situation for all parties. Hopefully, it is a learning experience, so it never happens again. No one should die over a music concert. There are enough things to worry about in this world. You shouldn’t have to be worried about being trampled to death while at a Travis Scott concert. That is insane.

Flip the page for the video of the woman outside of Travis’ house and some Twitter reactions.

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