Almighty Jay Says Jesus Told Him to Never Use Condoms and Dating Blac Chyna When He Was 19 and She Was 30 – BlackSportsOnline
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Almighty Jay Says Jesus Told Him to Never Use Condoms and Dating Blac Chyna When He Was 19 and She Was 30

Almighty Jay says he never uses condoms during sexual intercourse because he believes God will protect him from catching  STDs. What an IDIOT!

Here is what Almighty Jay told DJ Vlad about his decision not to use condoms.

“I walk by faith, bruh, I ain’t gonna lie. I don’t walk by diseases. I done used condoms before but I don’t plan on just going around and using condoms.”

Jay also added that he isn’t worried about having numerous baby mamas. “I ain’t gone have no kids, bro.”

MTO News:

The rapper used to date Blac Chyna in 2018 after reportedly meeting on Christian Mingle, a Christian dating site.

In July, the rapper went viral after he got into a fight with Skinnyfromthe9. Almighty Jay knocks Skinny to the ground but Skinny got back up and continued fighting after being temporarily knocked out of his senses. YBN Almighty Jay then caught him with a straight right that put him down for even longer. Again Skinnyfromthe9 got up off the ground, and the fight was eventually broken up.

Jay Gerard Bradley, known professionally as Almighty Jay, is an American rapper. He was part of the YBN collective before their disbandment in August 2020. He is best known for singles such as “Chopsticks,” “Bread Winners,” and “No Hook.”

Blac Chyna was almost 30-years-old when she started dating him, but that is a conversation for another day.

Mr. Jay has to have a strong belief in Christ because he plays Russian roulette every time he has sex. Don’t be like Mr. Jay. Definitely wrap up if you don’t want any STDs or unwanted pregnancies. Jesus will not be able to heal you from herpes or stop the judge from putting you in jail for back child support.

You can pray on it, but I think the Lord would want you to pick up that pack of $8 trojans. That is just my thought on the matter.

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