Baker Mayfield’s Wife Emily Says Baker is Better That Brett Favre and Drew Brees at This Point in His Career – BlackSportsOnline
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Baker Mayfield’s Wife Emily Says Baker is Better That Brett Favre and Drew Brees at This Point in His Career

Baker Mayfield’s wife, Emily Mayfield, is getting dragged by fans not for claiming her husband is getting death threats from fans but for dropping stats and trying to compare her husband to Brett Favre and Drew Brees after four years in the NFL.

Total Pro Sports:

On Wednesday morning, Emily Mayfield informed the sports world that some in the Browns fan base had been sending death threats to the quarterback after his lackluster performance against the Green Bay packers that resulted in four interceptions.

The sympathy for him quickly ended when she posted the below picture that showed Mayfield’s stats after four years which were better than Brett Favre and Drew Brees. There is one glaring difference that she did not know.

“Anyone wants to tell Baker Mayfield’s wife that Favre and Brees sat out their entire rookie seasons and played in a different era of football without today’s passing rules that favor the offense so much?”

Along with four interceptions, Mayfield threw for 222 yards on 21-of-36 passing and two touchdowns against the Packers. In 13 games this season, he has thrown for 2,825 yards, 15 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions while completing 62.4 percent of his passes.

Baker Mayfield’s wife has been doing the fighting with fans who come at him, and I think that’s impressive of her. I appreciate her dedication to her man, especially after what he was caught doing at the Cheesecake Factory. It should be noted that it did take Brees going to another team for him to become a Hall of Fame QB, so there is still hope for Baker. I think I get what Emily is trying to say. She just didn’t express herself correctly.

Emily is definitely a ride or die. She doesn’t want to lose her progressive commercials and TV show, so she needs Baker to play better, or they will be unemployed. I don’t think Baker will get cut or traded, but he likely will have to play on the franchise tag to prove he is a franchise QB.

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