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Kyrie Irving Interested in Taking Plant Based Vaccine to Get Back With Nets

Could Kyrie Irving be returning to the court sometime soon?

That’s what some are thinking now that a new plant-based vaccine is in the works.

According to the NY Post, some close to Kyrie believe he’d be willing to take the plant-based vaccine once it’s approved.

Irving has not disclosed a specific reason concerning his hesitancy about the vaccine, saying in October that it “is not about being anti-vax or about being on one side or the other. It is just really about being true to what feels good for me.”

Perhaps a plant-based dosage, about which the Bally Sports report speculated, feels best for him. The current vaccines were tested on animals, with which some animal rights groups take issue.

There are plant-based vaccines in the works, including one from a Canadian biotech company that is going through clinical trials. According to the company, the study, which is being conducted in Japan, is aiming to gain approval in Japan by March 2022. It is unclear when the United States would approve — or even if Irving would be onboard.

Steve Nash said he had not talked with Irving about a possible plant-based option.

“If we get the gift of his return, we’ll be ecstatic, but we can’t count on it,” the Nets coach said at practice on Monday. “We can’t wait for him. We have to get to work, and get better, and our group’s been awesome this year.”

He’s vegan so that would make since but given his opinion on the vaccine it seems that it’s less about what’s in it and more about the politicization of it. Because of that reason, it would be a little surprising if he did take it just because it’s plant based.

Never say never, though.

It is still my belief that after the All-Star break or close to the playoffs, Irving will get the vaccine, plant-based or regular-based.

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