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Petition Started to Stop Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith From Talking About Their Personal Lives

The fans of Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett are tired of them granting interviews and spilling their private stuff out there. They say enough is enough!

The fans have launched an online petition to stop Will Smith and Jada Pinkett from doing interviews. Some say they are sick and tired of Will and Jada’s bullsh*t and that they want them to put a stop to granting interviews.

A check on reveals over 4000 people have signed the petition and still counting. They are targeting 5000 signatures to get the petition into the media.

Via HU:

The couple has been extremely open about their relationship, sex life, problems, and Will’s puking and other bodily fluids, and it looks like the people have had enough.

“Im Sick and tiredddddd of Black Families being represented on Social Media The Way they Do. What they speak on is madness and should not be an Influence to ANYONE. WE DO NOT CAREEE! Stop Embarrassing yourselves!” wrote one petitioner.

“Someone interviewed will and he said he started puking cause he had too much sex and I can’t be on the internet safely ever again so I looked up a petition for it no one needs to know these things please just let us lice.” added another.

From entanglements with August Alsina, obsessions with the late Tupac, and other sexual encounters, we can only wonder what else the Smiths have in store for us.

One thing I have learned about fans and celebrities, they want to keep them on a pedestal. They don’t want to know they are having the same problems as us.

They just want them to make movies, music and look good in front of the camera.

We don’t need to know how much Jada hates Will or how Will wanted 20 girlfriends. They can keep all that to themselves. We just want more Bad Boys movies.

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