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BSO Picks To Make The NBA Allstar Teams; Which Guys Are Locks And Which Guys Will Miss The Cut

The NBA Allstar game is approaching soon with voting in full swing. Like every other year there are some surprises who are in the top 10 for each category that probably shouldn’t be there but also like every other year it always works out and there are usually never any players that make the Allstar team that don’t deserve it and that will be the same this year. 

Voting is going to be ending soon and there are a lot of guys competing for spots. It seems like this year there are more than there usually are with injuries taking out a few guys that would likely be Allstar locks. 

Guys like Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, Paul George (who could still be voted to be an Allstar), Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, and Zion Williamson who made it last year so would have likely made it this year are all out due to injuries. That’s 4 guys who most would consider locks in the West which is generally the deeper conference and harder to pick those last few reserve spots. 

There is also the chance that Covid could take out a few players which would give a spot to someone who has never made it before or is a fringe guy. Plenty of guys have missed games due to Covid but don’t expect that to be a reason someone misses out on being an Allstar. Then you have someone like Kyrie Irving who has missed a lot of games due to not being vaccinated. 

Also have to mention Ben Simmons who has been an Allstar the last 3 years but won’t be one this year because he hasn’t played a single game. 

There are lots of spots open but who really deserves those spots? There are 24 possible spots and there are some for sure locks to become Allstars with some guys being likely and the rest up for grabs.

First, it’s important to know how Allstars are picked. The starters are decided by the fans, media, and players with the fan vote counting for 50% and media and player voting counting for 25% each. In the event that two guys tie for votes, the fan vote is the tiebreaker. Coaches from each conference vote on the reserves.

Now, when choosing the teams, there has to be 2 starting guards and 3 starting forwards/centers. Then for the bench there has to be 3 more guards chosen with 2 more forwards/centers. The other two spots can be any position. So the full breakdown is 5 guards, 5 forwards/centers, and 2 wildcards.

So who are they?

The Locks – Western Conference


G – Steph Curry

Easy choice. He’s a MVP candidate averaging 26p, 6a, and 5r and the Warriors are the 2nd best team in the West and NBA. He’s going to lead the guards in the fan, media, and players votes.

G – Ja Morant

Ja is for sure a lock but might not be a starter. Having a career year with 25p, 7a, and 6r while the Grizzlies are currently 3rd in the West. He should be because he’s going to be be ahead of everyone else with the fan vote and seems like he’ll bet the player vote but you never know. The media vote could go to Luka but probably not so the starting spot is his.

F/C – Lebron James

He’s going to be the West captain again. Lakers aren’t good but he’s putting up monster numbers with 29p, 8r, and 6a and will likely lead all vote getters in the fan vote. He’s a staple in the Allstar game and will likely start until he retires.

F/C – Nikola Jokic

Another monster year averaging 26p, 14r, and 7a and has the extremely depleted Nuggets sitting at 6th in the West when they should be near the bottom. He’s going to beat out every other forward/center not named Lebron in the West and is an easy pick as a starter.


G – Luka Doncic

Having another great year averaging 25p, 9r, and 9a, Luka is definitely a lock and could very well be a starter but with the year Ja and Steph are having, just had to leave him out of the starting lineup.

G – Devin Booker

The Suns are the best team in the league and he’s their best player. He didn’t get the recognition he deserved last season but he should get it this year. Averaging 25p, 5r, and 4a leading the Suns this season, I don’t think there any way anyone could possible leave him off and have him get a spot by someone getting injured. Easy pick.

G – Donovan Mitchell

Best player on the Jazz averaging 26p, 5a, and 4r. There are some that don’t think he’s the best player but he is and is extremely deserving of being an Allstar. He would be more of a lock than Gobert except the West forward/center spot is depleted this year.

F/C – Rudy Gobert

He’s not the flashiest choice to be an Allstar but he’s a for sure lock. The Jazz are 4th in the West and he’s a big reason why. Has improved his offense and could be the DPOY again averaging 16p and 15r. He could get the last starting spot because the media loves him but the fans don’t and the players are iffy. He could just get it by process of elimination.

There are no wildcard locks for the west.

There are 4 spots left with the last starter spot still up for grabs. Need 2 more forward/center and 2 wildcards. In my opinion there are 10 guys who could legit get one of those last 4 spots which makes it extremely tough to pick the last guys. Who should get those spots though?

Let’s start with the last two forward/center spots.

F/C – Andrew Wiggins

There is a lot of push back to this and he could lose this spot to any of the other guys but right now if fan voting was still the only way to determine the starters Wiggins would be the starter. And he still could be. He’s averaging 19p and 4r with some much improved defense while the Warriors are the 2nd best team in the NBA. As surprising as it is that he will be an Allstar, I’d be more surprised if he didn’t make the team.

F/C – Karl Anthony Towns

This is the hardest pick to make. Do you go with Ayton who is on the best team in the league and averaging 17p and 11r or go with Town whose team isn’t nearly as good but putting up better numbers. I feel like Ayton is more deserving but I went with KAT who is averaging 24p, 9r, and 4a because I think that’s who will get voted in. I also think he’s going to get the last starting spot.


Last two spots are up for grabs and now there are 8 players fighting for 2 spots and these are the guys who I think will get them.

Chris Paul

I personally would give this spot to Ayton because the Suns do deserve 2 Allstars but Chris Paul is much more loved. He’s averaging 14p, 10a, and 4r so he has decent numbers and with other guys out it makes it hard to have a case against him not being an Allstar. Probably easy to pencil him in.

Brandon Ingram

I’m not even 50% sure that he will make it and if it were me, again Ayton would get this spot. I think coaches are more prone to vote in BI because he’s a guy they have to game plan for every night while Ayton is still young and is considered the 3rd best player. BI’s case is he’s averaging 23p, 6r, and 5a with rebounds and assists being a career high and the fact that the Pelicans are a positive team when he plays and a very negative team when he doesn’t. Also add in that he’s already been an Allstar so that will help him. This last spot could go to anyone else and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.

Who Got “Snubbed?”

It’s rare that I ever think a guy gets snubbed because there are only 12 spots and there are always more than 12 worthy players. Could make the case there are less worthy players this season but as I said before there were 10 guys fighting for the last 4 spots so 6 of them missed out. However, that is with a few guys not making the team due to injury. So there are some guys that some will considers “snubs.” One or more of these guys could take one of the voted guys’ spot if they get injured or have to go into covid protocols.

Deandre Ayton

In my opinion he should make the team, I just don’t think he will but wouldn’t be surprised if he does. He’s averaging 17p and 10r and anyone could make the case that the best team in the league deserves 3 Allstars. I think he’s the Suns most important player this season and is very deserving. He could very easily get that Brandon Ingram spot.

Draymond Green

Draymond doesn’t necessarily have the numbers of an Allstar but man does he have an Allstar impact. He’s only averaging 8p, 8r, and 7a so he probably won’t make it but he’s up for DPOY again and is the most important player on the Warriors but I would still be surprised if he made it. Plus he just got injured so that makes it easy for coaches not to vote for him.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Shai has Allstar potential but his consistency has dipped this a little lately and the Thunder are the 4th worse team in the league. Even though, he’s still averaging 23p, 5r, and 5a but only see him making the team if a couple of guys get hurt or miss due to covid.

De’Aaron Fox

I kind of feel bad for Fox because he’s such a talent but the Kings are just so bad. His numbers, 21p, 5a, and 4r, are down this year from last year added with the Kings being bad so like SGA, I only expect him to make it if a couple of guys get hurt or miss because of covid.

Dejounte Murray

What a talent and one of the most underrated players in the league. He’s averaging 19p, 9r, 8a, and a league leading 2s. The only other players to ever average those numbers are Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. That’s it. The only reason he isn’t a lock is because the Spurs are just a bad team. He could easily get that Brandon Ingram spot though because their team is better than the Pelicans and he has the better numbers. Because he’s underrated though I don’t see him getting picked.

Anthony Edwards

If the NBA did away with positions and just picked the 12 best players I think he would have a much better chance at making it over KAT. There are just too many guards in the West so Ant isn’t there yet. He’s putting up 22p, 5r, and 4a so his numbers don’t really jump off the screen enough for him to be on the team even though those are some good numbers. Would love to see him in the game though.

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