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Bumble Releases Statement on Lauren Smith-Fields’ Death After Meeting Up With Matthew LaFountain on Dating App

Bumble has released a statement about the sad death of Lauren Smith Fields—a Black woman who passed away after meeting up with a white man named Mathew LaFountain she met from the dating app, and according to them, they are calling for a thorough and serious” investigation into Lauren’s death.

Here is the statement by Bumble:

“With additional information about the death of Lauren Smith-Fields coming to light, we continue to be unsettled by this loss,” the dating app said in a statement on Wednesday night (Jan. 26).

“We empathize with Lauren’s family, friends, and beloved community, and we stand by our statement that every parent deserves to know what has happened to their child. This matter deserves a thorough and serious investigation for the Fields family to get justice for Lauren.”

Here is what we know about Smith-Fields’ last moments with LaFountain.

According to News 12 Connecticut, Attorney Peter Karayiannis is acting as a spokesman for Matthew LaFountain. The television station reported that LaFountain “is not a suspect” in Smith-Fields’ death.

“I think it’s the media that’s made him the main focus of this investigation, although Bridgeport police did investigate the matter, he did fully cooperate and he’s not the main focus of the investigation anymore. As we know, the DEA is involved now, and they will help local authorities investigate the matter and get to the bottom of what happened to Lauren,” said Karayiannis to the television station.

According to News 8, an incident report says that “a man Smith-Fields met on a dating app,” told police that he woke up to find Smith-Fields with “blood was coming out of her right nostril” next to him and “she was not breathing.”

The officer said the man, identified by other sites as LaFountain, was “frantic” and was “trembling and visibly shaken.”

The Bridgeport Police Department on Tuesday launched a criminal investigation into the incident, a day after the state Office of the Chief Medical Examiner revealed that Smith-Fields succumbed to acute intoxication due to the combined effects of fentanyl, promethazine, hydroxyzine, and alcohol, and ruled her death an accident.

Fentanyl is a highly addictive and potentially deadly synthetic opioid prescribed to treat severe pain, while promethazine and hydroxyzine are allergy medications.

The new probe will try to figure out how Smith-Fields came in contact with the deadly drug.

There has always been something off with the story, but we may never know what happened if the police don’t do a proper investigation.

Flip the pages for Bumble’s statement and LaFountain proclaiming his innocence.

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