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Cowboys Fans Brawl With Each Other While Losing to 49ers

Cowboys fans showed more fight in the stands than they did on the field.

Nothing like fighting your own fans during the game.

Not a bad little brawl. I have seen better or worse. I am sure there are many more videos of brawls that happened after the game and in the parking lot.

People paid a lot of money to see the Cowboys choke in the playoffs again.

The Cowboys started at their 20 with 32 seconds to go. Wilson pitched to CeeDee Lamb on a hook-and-ladder play for 20 yards, and Dalton Schultz gained 9 yards before getting out of bounds with 14 seconds remaining. Prescott took off on a designed run and slid at the end of a 17-yard run, with about eight seconds to go. Umpire Ramon George bumped Prescott trying to set the spot. The snap from the San Francisco 24 came after the clock expired.

Dallas coach Mike McCarthy suggested Prescott was slowed by the collision with George, and that a sideline official assured him the play was being reviewed. “The communication that I was given on the sideline was they were reviewing it,” McCarthy said. “They were going to put time back on the clock. And the next thing I know, they’re running off the field.”

Players from both teams streamed onto the field immediately after Prescott took the snap and spiked the ball, and many did a U-turn as officials discussed the play. Then referee Alex Kemp announced the game was over. “It was like the whole day, it really was,” Garoppolo said of the final sequence. “It was a dogfight, hell of an atmosphere out here. I mean, the fans were nuts. It was everything we thought it was going to be. It was fun.”

Glass half full, at least they didn’t get blown out like the Eagles and Steelers.

Flip the page for the brawl and some of the Twitter reactions.

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