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DeAnna Stinson Paid Hitman $12k in Bitcoin to Murder Her Boyfriend’s Wife

Apparently, they have an Amazon-like service on the dark web but for hitmen.

This is the type of thing you see in movies, but it appears it happens in real life. Ms. Stinson would have gotten away with it, but the website, not surprisingly, was a scam website that took her money and didn’t carry out the hit.

That is when the cops got involved.

A Tampa woman who paid more than $12,000 in bitcoin in an attempt to have a hitman kill her ex-boyfriend’s spouse pleaded guilty Wednesday to a federal murder-for-hire charge.

Agents were led to a website that operated on what’s known as the “dark web,” a term that refers to online marketplaces that allow people to buy and sell illegal items and services. Such websites typically use encryption or other technologies to offer users greater anonymity than regular internet sites.

The website, which is not named in court records, is a scam. Stinson’s attorney, Federal Defender Alec Hall, noted in Wednesday’s hearing that the website does not actually deliver on its promised services, and only takes people’s money.

DeAnna Marie Stinson admitted to allegations that she made several transactions last summer using virtual currency on a website that purported to offer hitman services. While the website did not actually deliver on said services, her efforts caught the eye of federal agents, one of whom posed as a hitman and got Stinson to pay $350 for a gun to carry out the murder.

FBI agents interviewed the victim on July 30. They learned the victim’s husband had once had a romantic relationship with Stinson.

Stinson has no prior trouble with the law. In court, she said she holds a master’s degree. Before her arrest, she ran a financial consulting business. Court records also state that she worked as the chief financial officer for her church. She has lived in Tampa for eight years, court records state, and previously lived in Miami.

It is wild what people will do for love.

Ms. Stinson, by all accounts, is a law-abiding citizen and intelligent woman, but this man has her on the dark web trying to put hits out on his wife like she is part of the KGB.

She is looking at ten years in jail for the crime.

Crazy times.

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