Female Florida Pastor Drops Dead During Church Service And Resurrects Only After Congregation Puts Cash on Her Chest – BlackSportsOnline
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Female Florida Pastor Drops Dead During Church Service And Resurrects Only After Congregation Puts Cash on Her Chest

This sounds funny but anything is bound to happen when it comes to money and religion especially Christianity. These pastors are all for the money and luxury and not for the salvation of those gullible church members following them. MTO News reports that a female Florida pastor ‘dropped dead’ during church service and ‘resurrected’ after receiving sufficient offering.

The incident happened inside a Pentecostal Christian church outside of Jacksonville, and video from the alleged “resurrection” has been going viral across social media.

The pastor is seen laying on the ground – allegedly dead. And the assistant pastor takes the microphone and tells the congregation to walk up to the fallen pastor’s body and drop an offering on her.

According to the assistant pastor, if enough money was placed on the fallen pastor’s body, God would resurrect the church leader.

Sure enough, when the congregation dropped enough money – the Pastor miraculously rose from ground. Hallelujah….won’t He do it….

It is said that people are getting scammed like this, but it is happening all over the country.

Please be safe out there, money is tight, don’t waste it on a scam.

The trusting nature of many religious worshippers, and, often, their fervent wish to help others, have opened the floodgates to an evil deception — the church scam. Church scams can happen when members of a congregation, a church, temple or mosque, or even a whole religious organization, are fooled into parting with their money either for a supposedly profitable investment or simply to support an individual who claims to have fallen on hard times.

Tens of millions of dollars have been plowed by individuals into hopeless projects that have turned out to be Ponzi schemes. Perhaps the most common religious scam is a variation of the Nigerian scam, which we wrote about in SCAMMED! What We All Can Learn from These Real-Life Victims (under Foreign Inheritance).

In other religious scams, churches have been left with thousands of dollars of debt after being hoodwinked into signing costly leases for the equipment they thought was free.

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