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Halle Berry Isn’t Married to Van Hunt; It Was a New Year’s Day Prank

It wasn’t April Fool’s Day but Halle Berry managed to fool Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and other celebrities into believing that she and her boyfriend Van Hunt got married. Halle’s Instagram post was just a joke but a bunch of celebrities including The Rock couldn’t get the joke. They were focused on the pictures Halle posted rather than the joke her caption carried.

The Daily Mail:

Halle Berry appears to have fooled some of her famous friends after joking about getting married to her boyfriend Van Hunt. The 55-year-old Oscar winner posted a series of photos to Instagram on New Year’s Day that made it appear that she and Hunt had just taken a walk down the aisle, before she revealed it was all a ruse.

But the joke was so close to the real thing that stars including Dwayne Johnson and Octavia Spencer were seemingly fooled by it. Halle had several of her fans fooled after she posted a photo of herself and Van in what appeared to be a church in the tropical paradise the two have been vacationing in throughout the holidays.

They stood in front of a curving A-shaped window looking out on gorgeous green clear water, beaches dotted with palm trees and thatched huts, while mist covered mountains loomed even farther away. The small room appeared to be a church based on rows of benches on either side of the room that were arranged like pews.

Halle wore a flower crown and a dark dress as she stood on her tip toes to kiss Van in front of the window. ‘well…IT’S OFFICIAL!’ she gushed in her caption. But the second image in her post revealed that she was just joking, as she captioned a cute closeup of her and Van with ‘It’s 2022!’

She originally appended the hashtag ‘#Gotcha,’ but she appeared to have edited it out of her post at some point, making it even harder for her fans to tell that she was joking.

Let’s get it straight. Halle Berry and Van Hunt aren’t married yet. Halle’s post was probably a joke to create fun and entertain her followers and friends on Instagram.

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