Laguna Beach Student Screams Racial and Slavery Slurs At Makai Brown During High School Basketball Game – BlackSportsOnline
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Laguna Beach Student Screams Racial and Slavery Slurs At Makai Brown During High School Basketball Game

The mother of Makai Brown is pissed off and calling out heads of Laguna Beach High School after one of the kids in the stands screamed racial slurs at her son who was playing in the game. According to Makai Brown’s mother, Sabrina Little-Brown, in a video she shared on Instagram, the Laguna Beach students can be heard screaming, “chain him up. Don’t let him out of his cage” and “he’s a monkey,” as Makai was shooting a free throw.


Sabrina Little-Brown spoke at the Irvine City Council meeting Tuesday night, where she shared that her son has been affected by the comments. After revealing that her son is now pessimistic about racism changing, Sabrina stated during the meeting, “To me, this is a form of bullying.

Please do your part and show him that he’s wrong and that change in this community and in the world is still possible.” She added, “Fix yourselves. I’m expecting a letter, or some sort of communication from you, letting us know what you’re going to do to take care of this issue.”

In response, the Saddleback Valley Unified School District released a statement, which reads, “Although apologies are necessary, they do not suffice. The words used by this student will never be acceptable. This is a learning opportunity for our school communities that there is ongoing work to be done in building continued mutual respect and understanding.”

It was also revealed that the student screaming the slurs has been given an unidentified punishment for his actions at the game.

You know the punishment was a slap on the wrist. There are never real consequences for these racist students. You also know they get this from their parents and there are no consequences for them either. I hope Brown’s parents sue the school because this is sick.

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