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NFL Coach Doesn’t Think Aaron Rodgers Is Focused Enough To Win Super Bowl Like Tom Brady

Aaron Rodgers is considered one of the greatest QBs ever to play, and he only has one Super Bowl.

That should tell you how hard it is to win one.

It’s another year, and the Packers were the number one seed in the NFC and couldn’t get to at least the NFC championship. One NFL coach, though, thinks he should have won more.

The coach was obviously anonymous, so no one knows who it is, but he also isn’t fond of Rodgers being a distraction with his vaccine status and talks about cancel culture when he spoke with The Athletic saying.

“Rodgers wants to talk about vaccine mandates and cancel culture, while Brady talks about all ball,” the coach told The Athletic. “Rodgers loves the standing invite on the A.J. Hawk show (Pat McAfee Show) and he wants to talk about cancel culture, woke mob and every other thing that doesn’t do anything but splinter and unfocus the group. To me, Rodgers doesn’t show the focus that it really takes to win the multiple championships.”

Two things can be true. Maybe Rodgers can win one with his next team if he decides not to retire or return to Green Bay.

Rodgers didn’t play badly in the divisional round against the 49ers and was failed by the Packers’ special teams. Still, beyond the opening drive, he couldn’t generate a touchdown in a game at home against the undermanned team.

Is it possible that Rodgers was thinking more about being an infectious disease doctor than a Quarterback? It is possible, but it is more likely that he just isn’t a great playoff quarterback. That is nothing to be ashamed of, neither was Peyton Manning. Maybe Rodgers may go to another team and get carried to a Super Bowl as Peyton did with the Broncos when he was trash.

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