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Read Deshaun Watson’s Massage Accuser Open Letter to His Girlfriend Jilly Anais

So far 22 women have filed lawsuits against NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson and one of them has written an open letter to his Influencer girlfriend Jilly Anais to dump him because such a man doesn’t deserve to have a woman in his life.

Here is the full letter to Jilly Anais via the Daily Beast.

Here is a portion of that letter.

Dear Jilly “Boss Babe” Anais,

I’ve walked in your shoes before. I loved someone for years whom I found charming, unbelievably talented (though not an NFL quarterback), sweet (at times), who I thought would fit perfectly into my life plans and be my life partner.

He was into church. He quoted scripture. He prayed. I thought, if a man loves God, then I can trust this. I can trust him. Right?

He forced me into a position where I had to blindly trust him. Love cannot exist without trust, and it was much easier to believe his lies when I no longer trusted my own instincts. He bulldozed my boundaries. There was assault in our physical relationship. He always got what he wanted.

He was a man who should have had—could have had—everything. But he was damaged beyond belief, and his choices and actions sabotaged his life. When it was finally over, I felt like I could breathe again.

Jilly, I hope this for your life. I am not a stranger, and yet you do not know me. I am a woman who was assaulted by your boyfriend. Deshaun Watson came into my place of work, my sole means of a modest income, and destroyed my mental health and my career. He destroyed my love for my job, my trust in strangers, and my foreseeable future. He terrified me, and tried to gratify himself at my expense. He degraded me.

Am I not a human? Am I not worthy of justice?

Because he has never faced true consequences, he will continue to do this. I speak out, despite my desire to hide forever, because it sickens me to think that another woman may have her life defiled by him. Please, please distance yourself from this man.

You’ve built your brand on the fallacy that you are a feminist. What kind of feminist doesn’t believe dozens of women over one man? At what point will you stand with women?

Every news article that discusses where he might be traded, every tweet that disregards our lives to showcase the indifference and opulence you both live in is evil. It causes us, your boyfriend’s survivors, great pain.

Don’t you care?

Please see me, and the other women seeking justice against Watson, as actual people.


Another Jane Doe

Meanwhile, Deshaun and Jilly Anais are on a European vacation where she is showing off all her luxury items.

Watson has proclaimed he is innocent of forcing anyone to do anything against their will. The one thing he hasn’t denied is cheating on Jilly with multiple massage therapists. It appears she has forgiven him for that and they have moved forward with their relationship.

Flip the pages for the FULL open letter and photos and videos of Anais showing she doesn’t care because she has Birkin bags.

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