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Tristan Thompson to Pay $40k a Month in Child Support to Maralee Nichols

Tristan Thomspon offered Maralee Nichols a flat fee of $75k to go away. She refused, and now that the paternity test proved he is the father, it looks like she will be cashing out.

Because Tristan is making about $10 million this season for the Kings, here is how a lawyer has estimated his child support case will go with Nichols via The Hollywood Life.

In looking at a support award, the court will review both parents’ monthly incomes, and the amount of time that the child spends with each parent. All income, including money/wages, tips, commissions, bonuses, unemployment benefits, interest income, dividend income, rental income, insurance payouts – all of it is fair game for calculating child support. For awards where the parties earn extremely high incomes, such as Tristian, the court will plug the numbers into the support calculator, but also consider several other factors. One argument for a larger award would be to ensure that the child has the same or similar lifestyle in both homes.

Because Tristan is paying support for other children, that will be a factor in calculating how much support he will pay for this child. Reports show that his income is about $10mil so based on that number, and the report that he’s paying $40k per month for his son, when I run the calculator, I get an estimate of $34k per month.

Usually when a parent is already paying support for another child, that amount reduces the available income to pay support to later children. There is certainly an argument that he should pay less because he’s already supporting other children, but then again, why should this child be treated differently? It will largely depend on Tristan’s legal team and what they can present to a judge.

One of the ways Tristan Thompson threatened Maralee Nichols was by saying he would retire and, therefore, the child support would be reduced.

It is quite possible after the season, he will retire and try to get it reduced not just for Maralee Nichols’ son but also his son with Jordyn Craig, who he is paying $40k a month for. Thompson doesn’t pay child support to Khloe Kardashian because she never seemed it and is worth $50 million, so she has no problem with cash.

If the court awards Nichols $40k a month, that means Tristan will be close to a million in child support a year to his baby mamas. Thanks to LeBron, Tristan has made a lot of money in the NBA ($116 million to be exact), so he should be ok, but you never know because the players make a lot of money they spend a lot of money too.

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