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Watch Browns Malik McDowell Charge and Try to Tackled Cop While Fully Nude

I commend the cops for not shooting and killing Malik McDowell. We have seen cops in these situations shoot and kill for less. Granted, he could clearly see McDowell was unarmed because he was naked, but that hasn’t stopped cops before. It is imperative that McDowell is not sent to jail but a mental hospital so they can find out what is going on with him.

This is the behavior of a man who was having a mental breakdown.

McDowell’s lawyer believes he was drugged.

“Apparently somebody may have slipped him something or given him something he was unaware of, which explains some of his bizarre behavior,” McDowell’s defense attorney said.

Whatever it was, it must have been very powerful to have him acting like this.

TMZ has a video of him trying to tackle a cop while naked.

A completely nude Malik McDowell aggressively charged at an officer before he was arrested on Monday … hitting the cop with full force — new video shows.

The clip, recorded by a bystander who was just feet from the altercation in Deerfield Beach, Fla., shows McDowell was extremely aggressive before he was taken into custody.

You can see McDowell — a 6-foot-6, 290-pound Cleveland Browns defensive lineman — sprinted at full speed toward the officer, eventually making contact with the man’s chest.

McDowell then appeared to the throw punches at the cop … before shoving him through a bush. McDowell then seemed to take off.

The cops had to use a taser to subdue him.

He has been charged with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer, exposing himself in public and resisting arrest. He was released from jail on Tuesday.

The video is insane.

Flip the pages for a bystander catching McDowell trying to run over the cop and more random naked photos of him in the street. Be safe out there.

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