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Cam Newton Tells Brittany Renner a Man of His Stature Would Never Sleep With Her

Brittany Renner’s dream to have Cam Newton in her bed won’t become a reality because, according to him in a trending video, he will never sleep with her and get into her books as PJ Washington and the likes.

In the viral clip, Cam Newton told Brittany Renner to her face that he will never bang her, and here is the report by Total Pro Sports:

“I’m Cam Newton. I’m not about to hit no DM with no Brittany talking about ;Hey yo, what’s good, what’s poppin, you in Atlanta…slide through.”

Brittany Renner: “Well, why not?”

Cam Newton: “Because I don’t wanna end up in your book.”

It was years ago when the Instagram model and now mother to Charlotte Hornets PJ Washington’s child released a tell-all book that detailed her alleged sexual relationship with Colin Kaepernick and many other relationships.

I am sure there will be more context when the full video comes out, but I believe what Cam is trying to tell Renner is once you hit a certain level of athlete, you can’t be having affairs or hookups with IG models who are very public with their relationships. He isn’t saying he isn’t attracted to her or wouldn’t want to sleep with her, but the risk outweighs the reward. LeBron and Steph Curry couldn’t mess with the same girls that JR Smith messes with. Does that make sense? When you hit a certain level, you have to move a little different because you have more to lose if some of these relationships become messy or, in the extreme case, some of these women see you as are potential lottery ticket. Once you get accused of something, regardless of whether it is true, it leaves a stain on you that you can never get off of yourself.

So it is much deeper than the 30-second clip you are about to watch.

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