Hue Jackson Says He Has Proof Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam Bribed Him to Lose Games While He Was Head Coach – BlackSportsOnline
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Hue Jackson Says He Has Proof Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam Bribed Him to Lose Games While He Was Head Coach

Earlier this week, news broke that former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores was suing the NFL for racism in their hiring practices.

In the lawsuit, one of the things he points out is how Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered him $100k for every loss during the 2019 season so it would increase their draft spot.

It’s a damning accusation, and it definitely seems like it’s true. Flores’ lawyer even says they have witnesses that can verify the story.

Former Browns head coach Hue Jackson is coming out and saying Browns owner Jimmy Haslam had the same practices. While responding to a tweet on the story, Jackson says that Haslam was happy the Browns kept losing. He also says the price was a good one.

This story and lawsuit make complete sense because it’s evident that owners/teams have some racist practices, and they would want to have the best draft odds to get the best pick to improve their team.

Kimberly Diemert, who is the executive director of the Hue Jackson Foundation, which works to prevent human trafficking, claimed the Browns paid Jackson to lose games when he was the head coach in Cleveland, tweeting that “we have records that will help” Flores’ case.

Diemert said in a phone interview with ESPN that their proof is “well documented” and previously had been “presented to the league.” Diemert declined to say how much money was discussed. Diemert told ESPN that she and Jackson stand by her tweet that the Browns paid several executives and Jackson bonus money to “tank” in 2016 and ’17. When pressed to be more specific, she said: “The Cleveland Browns had a four-year plan in place to not win games …” and, when pressed again, she repeated that “there was a four-year plan put in place by ownership and executives which resulted in strategic losses.”

Browns have denied the accusations, but why would Jackson and Diemert lie?

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