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LeBron Says He’s Opening to Bailing on Lakers and Going Back to Cleveland

The Lakers are looking shaky in the light.

LeBron has always left situations before they got too bad, plus he got the Lakers a ring, which they can never take from him regardless if it was in the bubble or not.

I think LeBron will be looking to try to play with his son for his final year in the league, so that would depend a lot on if Bronny gets drafted.

The Cavs are finally doing well without Bron, which makes perfect sense on why he is considering coming back via the Athletic.

LeBron James is back home this weekend, back in the blustery cold and snow-covered streets of Northeast Ohio. His picture is back on the building that hangs across from the arena he called home for 11 years as part of the league’s All-Star celebration.

Now the only question is whether another picture could go up there again some day. Could James actually return to Cleveland and play for the Cavaliers a third time?

“The door’s not closed on that,” James told The Athletic Saturday following the East’s team practice on the campus of Cleveland State. “I’m not saying I’m coming back and playing, I don’t know. I don’t know what my future holds. I don’t even know when I’m free.”

James, of course, is a free agent after next season. He is tethered to the Lakers for one more year.

LeBron knows when he is free, and he also knows the Lakers are in a bad spot, especially if Anthony Davis can never stay healthy.

Davis said he dedicated the offseason to making his body stronger, but it didn’t work, and it just seems he is going to be the type of player that is always going to miss games and you can’t really depend on.

The rest of the roster is old and washed. The teams in the West are younger and hungrier than the Lakers, and it shows on a night-to-night basis.

I don’t know if LeBron goes back to Cavs, but the chances of him leaving the Lakers is high if they flounder this postseason.

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