Offset Bought $500K In Roses For Cardi B For Valentine’s Day and Caused a Rose Shortage in Atlanta – BlackSportsOnline
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Offset Bought $500K In Roses For Cardi B For Valentine’s Day and Caused a Rose Shortage in Atlanta

Even though Offset cheats a lot on his wife, Cardi B, he does it best when it comes to showing her love and making her feel special on such occasions! And on Valentine’s Day, Offset did something sweet for Cardi, and she was over the moon.

MTO News says that there is a shortage of flowers in Atlanta after Offset bought $500K in roses for Cardi B on Valentine’s Day. People in Atlanta got a hard time getting roses to buy for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

When Cardi arrived at their home, she found that he decked out their Atlanta mansion in $500,000 in roses and rose petals. That’s a lot of roses.

MTO News spoke with one florist in Atlanta, Offset bought up so many of the high end roses in the area, that the city is now facing a SHORTAGE of high quality red roses.

Offset paid double and triple the price for roses, to ensure that Cardi had that special Valentines Day. So many flower dealers are now either totally without roses, or have jacked up prices because Offset took so much of the supply off the market.

And what will Cardi B give in return for this sweet gesture? She says she will s***k Offset all night!

I don’t think that is a gift, but alas, here we are. When you cheat as much as Offset has, you have to go all out on holidays and birthdays. That is why you see all the Chanel bags and roses. Offset and Cardi do seem to be in a better place now. There haven’t been any scandals in a while, so either he is behaving, OR he has gotten more discreet in his cheating.

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