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Ex-NFL Player Earl Thomas’ Estranged Wife Nina Thomas On Vacation With Mystery Man

Earl Thomas’ marriage with Nina Thomas was a rocky one and seven months after the wild arrest, she filed for divorce on grounds of adultery. According to TMZ at the time:

According to court records, Nina Thomas put in the paperwork on Nov. 3 … citing adultery as the grounds for ending the marriage.

Nina added in the docs that the couple has such a strained relationship … there’s zero “reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

It’s interesting … because Earl has seemed to put in a ton of effort to make things work since Nina was arrested for allegedly pointing a loaded gunat him back on April 13.

Away from Earl and Nina’s divorce brouhaha, IG page WAGS Unfiltered claims Nina Thomas is on vacation with a mystery man, and from the comments, people are happy for her if it’s true she’s gotten for herself a new responsible, caring, and loving man.

The caption on WAGS Unfiltered Instagram page read:

#NinaThomas is on vacation and i somebody gifted her some Chanel! Could it be the man from your glasses….. 👀 #NFL #EarlChestAboutToBeHurting 😭😭😂 lemme stop.

If you recall BSO reported on how Nina put a gun to Earl’s head for cheating with Snapchat models.

Tyler Perry is writing the script as we speak.

It isn’t unusual for an athlete to get caught cheating with his side chick, what is unusual is for his wife to gather up her girls and guns to catch the athlete in the act.

That is exactly what Nina Thomas did to her husband Ravens safety Earl Thomas

I have written a lot of cheating stories in my day, but this one might take the cake. It was a miracle no one was shot, stabbed or killed, especially when you read the police report on how everything went down.

The RONA is causing people to lose their minds. The funny thing is I wouldn’t be shocked if they stayed together. Even though she was just a finger movement away from murdering him, some people live for this type of drama.

I am sure this isn’t the first time this has happened, maybe not to this extent, but this was the first time she thought about killing him.

Flip to the next page to see screenshots of her with her new man.

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