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Jake Paul Offers Kanye West And Pete Davidson $30 Million For PPV Celebrity Boxing Match

Jake Paul has realized that the Kanye West-Pete Davidson beef isn’t ending anytime soon and for that matter, he has to be smart and cash out huge on it, and in doing so, he’s offering Kanye and Pete a whopping $30 million each to a celebrity boxing bout on pay-per-view. Money has to be made on Kanye-Pete’s drama and Jake is doing just that.

Jake is offering $30 million to each of the combatants (Kanye West and Pete Davidson) in addition to “pay-per-view upsides.” This is a good offer I think Kanye and Pete should go for it. But since Ye is filthy rich, I don’t see him getting into the boxing ring with Pete Davidson.

Jake dropped the offer to Pete and Kanye via Vladtv Instagram page:

Jake Paul is looking to capitalize on the beef brewing between Kanye West and Pete Davidson by setting up an epic celebrity boxing match for a PPV audience. The new “boxing” phenomenon took to Instagram with his offer stating that he has $30 million for each of the combatants in addition to “pay-per-view upsides.”

While the likelihood of this boxing match actually happening is slim, the idea of seeing Pete and Ye in the boxing ring would possibly fetch PPV numbers never seen before. Needless to say, it’s far more likely that Kanye continues to troll Pete with not-so-appealing artistic renderings of the comedian than it is to see the two trading left hooks.

This would never happen because Kanye would try to control the entire event and do a concert that will have technical difficulties. He also likely will show up two hours late to the match.

With that being said, I’d pay $49.99 to see him and Skete go at it with the Kardashians at ringside. That is must-see TV in my opinion, so go for Jake for trying to capitalize.

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