Kliff Kingsbury’s Girlfriend Veronica Bielik Announces They Are Living Together After He Signs His Contract Extension – BlackSportsOnline
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Kliff Kingsbury’s Girlfriend Veronica Bielik Announces They Are Living Together After He Signs His Contract Extension

Awesemo reports that things are getting serious between Kliff Kingsbury and his girlfriend Veronica Bielik as they now reportedly live together at his paradise valley compound in Arizona.

Here is more from a source concerning Kliff and Veronica’s relationship.

Veronica is now tagging her location, which according to our source, is because she’s now living with Kliff at his Paradise Valley compound.

“Kliff Kingsbury and Veronica Bielik getting engaged?

After the last game of the 2019 season when he asked Sean McVay for field passes, they were supposed to meet up in Mexico in April but Covid kept them apart. She finally came to Phoenix during the bye week of the 2020 season. After the bye week she traveled back to Warsaw and he was begging her to come back before she even got home. She spent less than 24 hours at home before she was flying back to Phoenix on the 1st class ticket he bought her. She stayed until December.  When she finally left and got back to Warsaw he bombarded her with dozens of red roses.

She was supposed to come back to stay again but he wanted to take a break. They did get back together and they ended up meeting up in Tulum in the spring and then shortly after that visited her in Warsaw for a couple of days. In the summer of 2021 he whisked her away on romantic vacations to Greece and Italy. He broke up with her at the end of the summer but right before the Cardinals 2021 bye week he was begging to get her back again. She of course came and started posting her IG stories from his bedroom and stayed again for almost a month. She went home for the holidays but came back during NFC Championship weekend.

In 2022 he already whisked her off by private jet to a 5-star vacation at One & Only Palmila in Cabo. He wanted to show her one of his favorite places. Then they vacationed in Sedona, which she calls “their special place”. She has told friends and family that they have now moved in together and Paradise Valley will be her permanent base. He’s asked her not to post on her Only Fans type site and eliminate the risque content from her IG. His family wouldn’t approve and it doesn’t fit with his image as an NFL Head Coach. She’s happy to do it because she’s happy to start their new life together in their Paradise Valley home.

She said she expects a commitment during this offseason and when they are finally official the internet will “go wild.””

I have been to the Only and Only in Cabo, my guy Kliff is in LOVE if he is doing all that.

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