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LeBron James And Magic Johnson Are Not On Good Terms

Even though the president of basketball operations and former Los Angeles Lakers star Magic Johnson posted a picture of himself and LeBron James speaking with each other during the NBA All-Star break last week, the two are not on good terms.

Brian made the above claim during a recent episode of his podcast (h/t Brad Sullivan of Lakers Daily). Here is what he said:

“I also think it’s interesting to point out that I’m not so sure that LeBron and Magic are on the greatest of terms right now,” Windhorst said. “LeBron was very upset that Magic pulled the ripcord after the first year and didn’t even tell him, just did it.

“There’s scar tissue there, and earlier this year, when Magic criticized the Lakers, and rightly so — it wasn’t hard to criticize the Lakers — and LeBron was asked about it, LeBron declined to talk about it.”

Total Pro Sports has more on how Magic Johnson helped recruit LeBron in 2018.

As the president of basketball operations, former Los Angeles Lakers star Magic Johnson helped recruit LeBron James to the team in 2018. Things have changed a lot since then.

Near the end of James’ first year with the team, Johnson unexpectedly stepped down during a year where the team missed out on the postseason with a 37-45 record. James was able to navigate the team during the Orlando bubble to win it all, but this current season is feeling worst than his first one.

According to Brian Windhorst, “the relationship between LeBron and magic Johnson is not strong at all.”

When Magic and LeBron saw each other at the all-star game, it seemed to be all smiles and happiness, but you never know what is going on behind the scenes, especially when Magic can be very critical of the Lakers even though he was the one who bailed on the franchise.

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