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Watch Arizona Bball Player Bennedict Mathurin Accidentally Tap a Cheerleader’s Breast on His Way to Locker Room

A video of a University of Arizona basketball player Bennedict Mathurin appearing to tap a cheerleader’s breast while heading to his team’s locker room has got people angry and scolded the player for the unintentional brush. I’ve watched the video, and I think it was a mistake and not deliberate as people claim on the internet.

The Daily Mail has details of the awkward incident:

A viral video showing a University of Arizona basketball player appearing to briefly brush a cheerleader’s breast during a post game incident has sparked a fierce online debate, with many jumping to his defense.

Officials at the University of Arizona and TCU have reportedly been in contact after the Wildcats’ star guard Bennedict Mathurin seemingly tapped a cheerleader’s chest as he headed to his team’s locker room, the Forth Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Just seconds before the awkward incident, 19-year-old Mathurin could be seen spreading his arms to celebrate Arizona’s 85-80 overtime victory over TCU on Sunday.

But the guard might have miscalculated the space he had available to extend his arms while exiting the court.

It is unclear if Mathurin, who has not addressed the video, touched the cheerleader or if he meant at all to do so.

Videos of the incident circulating on social media have garnered a lot of attention, with Twitter users debating whether Mathurin deserves to be disciplined or if what happened was simply an accident.

Here are some reactions from Twitter folks.

‘He was celebrating with both arms extended, didn’t see her until late, and clearly moved his left arm back as he put it down,’ one Twitter user wrote on Monday.

‘IF he touched her (probably didn’t), he was clearly trying to avoid it. This is a non-issue that you shouldn’t legitimize by acknowledging.’

Another user ventured to say that TCU cheerleaders were too close to the court exit and they should have moved.

‘[Another player] had to slide around them as well to get in the locker room. AS OF YET, haven’t heard the cheerleader complain, so either it didn’t happen or she realized it wasn’t on purpose,’ that user tweeted.

Others questioned if Mathurin had even touched the cheerleader, arguing that depth of angle could have played a part in making the video show something that didn’t actually happen.

It is clear from the video, considering he wasn’t even looking at her, and she didn’t even react that he didn’t do anything on purpose. It is insane people are trying to say he should be arrested for anything to put a black man in jail.

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