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Watch Soulja Boy Tell Pete Davidson He’s The Only One Who Can Make Fun of Kanye

Soulja Boy has jumped onto Kanye West and Pete Davidson’s drama, and in a new video posted on Twitter, he called out Pete to stop making fun of Kanye West. He says no one has got the right to talk to Kanye anyhow except him and that Pete should stop playing with Ye.

Vladtv has more on Soulja Boy jumping onto Kanye-Pete’s drama.

The alleged text messages Pete Davidson sent to Kanye West have sent Soulja Boy into a tizzy. The first rapper to do most things took to social media to call out the SNL comedian for disrespecting Ye. Not forgetting to mention that he’s the only one allowed to come at Kanye in that manner.

“Pete Davidson! PSA: Watch your f**kin’ mouth when you’re talking to Kanye like that n***a,” Soulja exclaimed. “I don’t know who the f**k you think you is, but you not Big Draco. Do not talk to Kanye like that no more or you gon’ have me on your ass n***a.”

He added, “Can’t nobody talk to Ye like that but me n***a. Watch your mouth Skete.”

Kanye addressed the alleged messages from Pete on Instagram in a post that has since been deleted. Ye’s IG account is also currently suspended for his constant “bullying” of Davidson, and most recently comedian D.L. Hughley.

Big Draco and Kanye are always beefing about something, so it isn’t surprising that Soulja doesn’t want anyone stealing his spotlight, including Pete Davidson. I have to admit that anytime Soulja Boy goes on one of these rants, I find them extremely funny. Something about his voice is humorous to me and probably to a lot of other people as well.

Flip to the next page to watch Souja Boy’s video. Trust me you won’t be disappointed in hearing him rant about Kanye and Davidson.

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