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50 Cent On Alleged Leaked Phone Call Between Benzino And Transgender Actress Shauna Brooks

The Wanksta rapper 50 Cent has reacted to the alleged leaked phone call conversation between Benzino and a transgender actress named Shauna Brooks. He posted the leaked phone call conversation on his Instagram page with the caption;

“Young Buck, Benzino just embrace who you are but don’t pat nobody butt when they score a basket fool. LOL Hahaha, Nah. FOR REAL! PUNK!”

And another post of the same leaked phone call convo, he added; “LOL OH MY GOD, THIS GUY IS CRAZY @iambenzino.” Vlad has more;

The “Wanksta” rapper from Queens, New York shared leaked footage of Benzino having an alleged phone discussion with a transgender actress named Shauna Brooks. The footage depicts the two of them having an intense conversation about manhood, porn, and the way that society views an acquaintanceship between a straight man and a trans woman. During the discussion, Brooks can be heard referring to Benzino as “Daddy” more than once.

As for Brooks, she recently posted a tweet that seemingly addressed the matter and wrote, “My intent is NEVER to ‘out’ any1 but MY truth is always T while it’s PAINFUL to relive PUBLICLY… I’m TIRED of men LOVING girls like us ONLY behind closed doors & treating us as if we’re disposable when it’s NO longer convenient. They want you to be their toy on their time.”

Lately, Benzino has been very straightforward in his intent to maintain a peaceful relationship with his rap contemporaries, but 50 Cent’s actions may force the Boston native to clap back at some point. For more on this development, keep it locked.

Love is love.

No one should feel ashamed about who they want to interact with on a daily basis. People shouldn’t care about it either because it has no effect on their lives at all. So, if this is who Benzino wants to be with more power to him. As long as she makes him happy who are we to judge?

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