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August Alsina On If He Plans to Write a Tell-All About How He Healed Jada Pinkett in Will Smith’s Bed

Jada Pinkett Smith’s entanglement lover August Alsina has reacted to wild rumors that he’s writing a tell-all book about their s*x life. According to Alsina, the rumors are lies and fabrications. He ain’t writing a tell-all book to expose the lusty romance between himself and Will Smith’s wife of 25 years.

This is what August Alsina had to say about the rumors via New York Post;

“What would be the need to write a book about my supposed ‘sex life’ with ANYBODY, EVER, in life?,” questioned the R&B singer in a screenshot of a text message that he shared to Instagram Thursday. “If you are looking for that kind of entertainment, read the book called ‘Holy Bible’ while you’re at it.”

Elsewhere, on Twitter, Alsina rebuked an internet instigator who inquired about his alleged forthcoming book.

“No!,” he wrote in response to the busybody. “It would make you a messy thotBox of a supposed ‘man,’ for being [on Twitter] based off lies concerning where my stick goes,” the Louisiana-native added, punctuating the reference to his penis with the eggplant emoji.

According to the Sun on Tuesday, a source whispered that August is set to sign a big-money book deal to let the world know about his romance with Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett.

“August is getting ready to sign a big money book deal which will detail his romantic liaisons with Jada,” a source close to the musician reportedly told The Sun.

“August will go into detail about his time with Jada and will also speak about how he spent time living in homes owned by Will when he was away filming,” the unnamed source continued.

But Alsina seemed to deny plans to pen a gossipy tale for a large lump of cash.

“Why would one look to make that type of money, eating from the lowest a fruit, when God’s promise is GREAT HARVEST,” he continued in his rant on Instagram.

We will see if August is telling the truth in the coming months.

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