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BSO Review: Moon Knight Episode 4

After about four episodes of Moon Knight, I have come to the conclusion that the show isn’t for me and I’m not going to enjoy it. That said, I’m not the type of critic who thinks everyone should share his opinion. In fact, I want people to like things as that generally means we will get more attempts at whatever is we’re talking about and when it comes to Marvel shows, movies, and video games, I consider that a great thing. So, please note when you’re reading this that it’s strictly my opinion and if you like the show, awesome. I want you to like it. I wish I could. So, what’s keeping me from enjoying it? Let’s take a look. 

Much like the other episodes, four doesn’t seem to know where it is going or what it is doing. I won’t even get started on the totally awkward kiss that honestly felt inappropriate and unsolicited, but I will state that I’m not sure this show has said anything in the four episodes I’ve watched. I get that there is something going on and all, but the whole thing with Ammit seriously feels pointless. First off, we already know our hero will eventually deal with Ammit because that’s what they do. Secondly, nothing that’s really happened thus far is ever going to mean anything. 

Someone told me this show could have benefitted from a couple more episodes and I think I wholly disagree. This show could have benefitted from less based on what I’ve seen. So much of it has been filler and mundane. Want some examples? We don’t even really know the names of the two “cops” that have appeared in nearly every episode. I’m sure you could look them up and find them, but do you know their names off the top of your head? No. Because the show hasn’t bothered to tell you who the hell anyone is outside of Arthur, Layla, and Steven. We’re on episode four and there’s not even been a Frenchie.

This show has been a writing disaster from the word go. It doesn’t feel like they ever settled on a story outside of Ammit and just decided to wing it from there. If we’re being even more honest, the most developed character on this show has been Layla. We’ve met her mother, we’ve been given her backstory, we know her dark secret (one of them, anyhow), and we know that Khonshu wants her as his next avatar. On the flip side, we barely know Steven Grant. We’ve been given a smidge of Marc Spector’s life and backstory, and we at least sorta know who Arthur Harrow is and who he was, even if it’s only superficial knowledge. Nothing has been explained, nothing has been unraveled. It’s just one complicated mess to another. 

There have been so many missed opportunities on this show. Where’s the episode showing Harrow in the Moon Knight costume? Where’s the episode with Harrow and Khonshu finally having a fall out and parting ways? Are we ever actually going to see the incident that birthed the Spector/Moon Knight era? Or were they just going to tell us it happened and move on? Because from where I’m sitting, at least two hours of the crap we’ve been shown could have been cut in favor of these story-advancing plots. But hey, we got two episodes of Steve Grant running around crying, so yay? 

Whatever Marvel does with their lesser characters going forward, I genuinely hope it’s better than this. Most of their TV shows have been mediocre at best and full of tropes at worst. They serve the purpose of keeping you somewhat entertained for an hour or so, but I would love to see people polled on what they know about Moon Knight based on this show and this show only. I’m betting they don’t know much because Disney+ hasn’t bothered to tell us anything of value. They only have two episodes left and one of them likely features a new hero by the name of Werewolf by Night, so in addition to the story they have yet to tell, they’re gonna have another one here really soon. I genuinely hope Marvel utilizes the hell out of these last two episodes because this show is going to be largely forgotten over time if they don’t do something interesting going forward. 

As for the positives of this episode, Marvel did finally dabble in horror tropes and I have to be honest, those scenes absolutely worked for me. It makes me wonder how great this show could have been if they went that route the whole time. Maybe the character itself doesn’t lend to the horror genre, but this particular story could easily have been retold as a horror story. May El Calamawy continues to be the shining force of this show and I genuinely hope Marvel has big plans for her going forward. We’re also going to be introduced to the Goddess Taweret, also known as the Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth. Yep, seriously. She’s a protector spirit, so one would imagine she will play a role in bringing Spector and Grant (yep, both) back to the real world after Spector was “shot and killed” at the end of Episode 4. 

This show is definitely not normal. You can give it that one thing. No matter what you think is coming, you’re probably going to be wrong. There are a ton of elements here that Moon Knight could work with going forward on a second season. For now, we’re going to see what the talking Hippo can do to help prevent the death-dealing alligator from returning to Earth to claim souls. I bet you never thought you’d read that sentence in your life. 

Kane Webb is an entertainment journalist for @BSO and @TheMarvelReport. He also writes about the USC Trojans for @AthlonSports and has been featured on @FanSided, @Scout, @Rivals, the Bakersfield Californian, Wisconsin State Journal, and much more. You can follow him on Twitter: @FightOnTwist