Cardi B Drops Created Body Thirst Trap Photos And Teases New Music Video Titled “Shake It” – BlackSportsOnline
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Cardi B Drops Created Body Thirst Trap Photos And Teases New Music Video Titled “Shake It”

Cardi B — the queen of thirst traps has done it once again! She has released thirst traps on her Instagram page as she teased her fans with a new music video titled “Shake It”. She dropped the photos with the caption;

Takin you to The Bronx wit my Amiris on ….SHAKE IT OUT TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT MUSIC VIDEO ASWELL !!!! @officialkayflocka @dougieb___ ❤️🖤 @therealbory300.

According to the Daily Mail;

Cardi B bared some serious skin in a series of snaps on Thursday, as she teased her new music video Shake It. The 29-year-old rapper posted a number of photos in which she wore a low-cut, multi-colored Amiri crop top with a tropical theme to it.

The tiny garment pushed up on her cleavage and also showed off her toned abdominal muscles. She added a pair of high-waisted jeans that hugged her pert derrière.

Her dark hair was cut short and brushed the tops of her shoulders and back, and she accessorized with several gold bracelets. The New York City native wore baby blue acrylic nails that ended in a sharp point, like claws.

In addition to photos of herself, the star posted several photos with her collaborators on her upcoming song, and music video, Shake It.

Cardi B’s surgeon has done an amazing job over the years. She looks like an IG model barbie doll in these latest thirst trap photos.

Maybe this is why Offset stopped cheating ALLEGEDLY.

He doesn’t want to mess up a good thing at home. I don’t know how she does anything with her nails being that long though. Like how do you change a diaper when your nails look like that?

I am just asking, I don’t have all the answers. With that being said let’s focus back on the puppies and clappas.

Flip to the next page to see Cardi B’s thirst traps, I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the view.

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